A little about me


I loathe having my picture taken. It’s an experience on par with trying on bathing suits or going to the dentist. I look stiff, one eye is significantly smaller than the other, chins go double, shoulders slouch, the smile is mirthless, there is always a skin blemish, and what do you do with your hands, for crying out loud? Ugh.


People who are effortlessly natural in front of a camera are to be admired, but they are rare indeed. 


Working on the other side of the camera--I know how you feel, and can help.  I also know a few things about lighting and focal lengths and focus, and posing (beyond “Say cheese!). So the ordeal can be relatively painless, and the results more than worth it. Because if you don’t have a swimsuit you can’t swim and if you don’t have good teeth you can’t eat. And if you don’t have a decent picture of yourself or your loved ones this time slips away and can’t be recalled. 


My goal is to capture a subject looking natural, in a natural setting. And I can tell you where to put your hands.


Several magazines and newspapers have published my work, including Smithsonian, NPR, Sunset, and Conde-Nast Traveler, among others. My stock photos have been used commercially thousands of times. (Two of my stock portfolios can be found on Shutterstock and Graphic Leftovers.)

My work has won several awards in local exhibits, including a Best of Show at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for a photograph of my friend Beverley's white borzoi running on a beach. Even on foggy days, when your subject flees, it's possible to create a good picture in Northern California.